Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Scifi Comedy Series Needs Extras

Casting notice courtesy of HeadGames Entertainment:


Greetings, all!

[We] are currently shooting episodes for a indie-media science-fiction comedy series called "Star Command" (no relation to Buzz Lightyear). Its goal is to deconstruct (read: mercilessly slaughter) sacred science fiction and fantasy tropes by showing the worst ship in the human fleet being operated by a crew of underachievers, layabouts, and generally misanthropic people, as they encounter one bizarre & twisted situation after another. It's been compared to Red Dwarf, and an unholy union of The Office, Clerks, and Star Trek.

You can find some of our existing work plus more information about the show itself at our website: http://www.starcommandseries.com/

We are entering the last 1/3 of our scheduled shooting days for our first 3-episode run (at our rented studio space in Doraville), and we are in need of people (age 18-45) to participate as extras in a number of scenes. We have a lot of fun during our shoots - it's a professional atmosphere provided by a core group of talented, and entertaining people who live in the Atlanta area, myself included.

Participants will be expected to show up around 10:30-12:00 on the days in question, and may need to stay through dinner in a few cases; however, most of the time shoots will only take a few hours to complete.

But do not fear for a day filled with waiting around! Meals, snacks, wireless access, and console-based entertainment are provided to all extras for free, as a token of our appreciation for assistance with this project. What better way to spend a weekend than to relax with free food and drink, play some 360/PS3 games, and dress up and act wacky in the name of advancing independent media?

Here are the types of roles we'll be looking for people to fill. In most cases you do not need to bring any costume pieces, but may want to come wearing certain types of outfits to help facilitate existing wardrobe.

  • Crewmembers - similar to Trek's redshirts, these are jumpsuit-wearing people who will mostly be walking in the background or standing/sitting at control panels, looking busy. There will be a few opportunities for speaking parts. (Jumpsuits are provided, but you may want to bring a solid color t-shirt in either yellow, red, or blue)
  • Yokelibians - They're hicks. In space. These will range from your garden-variety Georgia doublewide trailer park resident, to the Ozark Mountain hillbilly. Extras playing Yokelibians should be prepared to do a bit of running about. (Outfits provided, but worn-out jeans, jean shorts, and plaid/flannel tops are also appreciated). You will have all exposed skin painted red/blue, including the arms, legs, face and neck. Showering facilities will be available once you're done.
  • Pirates - Exactly what it sounds like. You get to be a pirate. (Costumes provided but feel free to bring accessories if you have them).
  • Alticarons - Your run-of-the-mill scruffy, honor-bound warrior race that speaks only in consonants. Costumes will be provided for these, but you may want to wear black or tan pants to help blend in.

Here are the days we will need extras:

Saturday 2/12 - Alticarons
Sunday 2/13 - Crewmen & Pirates

If you (or friends you know) would be interested in participating on any of the days in question, please feel free to reply to me at zach.gaskins@gmail.com and let me know what you're interested in doing, or if you have any further questions.

(Pass this on to your friends in the Atlanta area!)

Zach Gaskins
HeadGames Entertainment

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Casting FEB 2nd/3rd for 'The Wettest County' starring Shia Lebouf and Tom Hardy


Casting tomorrow (FEB 2nd) for The Wettest County starring Shia Lebouf and Tom Hardy, directed by Jon Hillcoat is at 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. They will also be doing castings again on Thursday FEB 3rd as well as next week at an undetermined time. Filming begins on February 28th. 


Aunt Winnie - very old caucasian woman.

Mugger #1 - caucasian male 30's - 40's, scary biker type (no ponytail) . 

Gummy Walsh - caucasian male no southern accent, no teeth, dentures a plus, 30's - 40's

Ida Belle - Wild and fun drunk African American woman, 30's, New Orleans style, improv a plus. 

Hophead #1 - tall wiry and gangley gangster, no southern accent, caucasian male.

submit the following information:
clear photo/headshot, 
contact info,
hair type/color/eyes



SUBJECT: will be the part you are interested in  (example:  AUNT WINNIE)


FEB 2, 3.
11am - 4pm


1608 HWY 29 N.
Newnan, GA 30263


If you do not fit the description of any of the available roles and would like to work as an extra, please submit to the same email address, same information with photo, SUBJECT: EXTRA

There will be a casting call for extras on February 12th,  More information on this casting call will follow.