Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Extras Needed for TV/Web Comedy Pilot

Need 2-3 extras for a TV/Web comedy series pilot shooting Saturday, 12/3 just south of Athens, GA. Can be male or female, and having acting experience is a plus. No pay, but there is potential for speaking lines and possible recurring role in the series. Looks: park worker, and a professional or two who look like inspectors (forensic detective types). And if you own wardrobe that fits those looks, that's also a plus. Submit headshot and resume to slopez@truetalentatlanta.com

Friday, November 4, 2011

Submitting for a project

Currently, we do not accept physical or online applications for extra work. Most projects listed on our page and our group provide an email address for you to submit your information to. You will be chosen if you match the criteria and if the number hasn't already been met. Below is an example of what information we will need when you submit. Attach at least one clear photo or headshot, Professional shots are not necessary, but please do not have anyone else in the photo. Also, a full body shot is appreciated and could increase your chances in being contacted. Photos should be scaled down in size for a quick and easy download. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to sit and wait for a photo to load because it is full print quality. We are not looking to print your photo, we just want one that will fit on the screen (under 800x800 pixels) Please also list your automobile information. You may receive a pay increase 'bump' for the use of your car if it is needed for a scene. Include a photo of your car/truck if you have one.

If you have any special skills or talents (ie-juggling/gymnast/instrument), please specify all that apply. We have seen calls for some CRAZY things before! Even clowns! However, please don't claim that you can do something that you can't. You'll just end up looking silly if you are booked and can't actually follow through.

The Extra Bad Group posts for numerous casting agencies as well as our own, so if you see a post for a specific film/show you will need to submit again to the new project. Most of the time we will create a new email address with the title of the project. So keep your eyes open for different things going on and be prepared to submit via email when you fit a description. Replying to the post will not usually be seen for many days as the person posting is usually busy and/or on the phone booking. You might find it beneficial to subscribe to the Facebook page to receive text updates to your phone.

Other Extras Casting Pages/Websites (in alphabetical order)

Casting GA

Cherrix Casting/Vampire Diaries:

Extra's Casting Atlanta

New Life Casting:

Tyler Perry's 'Good Deeds'

If you would like to be considered as an extra for a project that you do not match the description for, submit an email with the SUBJECT title: Available Extra (if you are available or have open availability) Following instructions is important even when submitting an email to work. If you can't follow the simple directions to send an email, you will probably have trouble following the directions on a multi-million dollar set. If you read that they want a specific 'SUBJECT TITLE' (and you match what they are looking for) it is so that they can pick you from the hundreds of emails in their inbox. I recommend submitting to each with a general subject (available extra) and if you submit for something specific, make it a separate email. This way you can be filed in multiple categories and not overlooked because you didn't get called from the specific role.

Submitting to US. 'The Extra BAD Group/Casting GA'

Below is the example of what information we may need from you at any given time. The more information you provide, the better. It will save us having to ask you for more information. However, there is no need to write several paragraphs about your dreams of being an actor. The general format of the example below is preferred. Keep it simple and stick to the basic stats. Once you submit, you will be on file for several months! So if you haven't submitted with us before, please do so!

Our GROUP: Receive messages in your inbox and feed so that you don't miss out on a project! Join Our Facebook Group

Our PAGE: View our posts for projects in your status feed. We have admins from several casting offices as an admin on our page, so you will see posts for almost everything going on in town. 'Like' Our Facebook Page

and of course, you are on our BLOG. www.theextrabadgroup.com *Please Subscribe!

It IS important that you list your real age and age range so that we can enter you into our system properly. If you have stand-in, photo double or set experience, please list it, but keep it simple. We are not interested in theater or stage exp. Please submit more than once if you have one of the following talents (using that talent as the SUBJECT title of the email): Martial Arts, In Shape/Muscular/6-Pack(include photo), Clown, Musical Instrument, gymnast, cheerleader, biker, natural hair color, elderly person/couple.



Available Extra

Current Location:

Special skills or talent (music or other):

Age range:
Hair length/color:
Hair Dye?:
Eyes color:

Dress Shirt (neck/sleeve):


Vehicle Make:
Vehicle Model:
Vehicle Color:
Vehicle Year:
Vehicle Pix: Available Upon Request

Acting classes: (separated by commas)
Set Exp: (separated by commas)
Crew Exp: (separated by commas)
Special Training: (separated by commas)

[ATTACH 2 PHOTOS UNDER 800 x 800 pixels]

Thanks for taking the time to read this and we look forward to seeing you on set!

The Extra Bad Group / Casting GA

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