Thursday, June 16, 2011

Open Casting Call SAT/June 18th for Actors/Dancers/CLUB Types

Casting GA – The EXTRA Bad Group

Casting Call Notice

We are having a casting call this Saturday, June 18th from 11am – 4:15pm at North Dekalb Mall for the following:

1: Experienced Actors for an upcoming indie project (appointment/open call)
2: Background Dancers (open call)
3: Extras – ‘Club’ Types (open call)
Please read all details for each before submitting or showing up!
Independent Film - Casting Call
We will be auditioning actors and actresses with ACTING EXPERIENCE for the upcoming indie project ‘POPPIN TAGS’. We are looking for the roles listed below ONLY (character breakdown below). If you feel that you fit the description of any of the characters please email your headshot/contact information/reel and resume to to be considered for an appointment. Please make the ‘subject’ of the email the character name that you would like to read for.

Open call to read for from noon-3.
Background Dancers:
Hip-Hop Dancers needed for various upcoming projects. (music video/extra)
Please bring CD and be prepared to perform a short audition on a carpeted surface.
Choreographers please bring resume and reel (if you have one). If you cannot attend, please email headshot/resume and reel link to, subject: choreographer

Club Types:

Seeking Attractive ‘Club Types’ of all races for a club scene.
Athletic/muscular African American model/thug types in a ‘wife beater’ t-shirt for the same scene.

***Character Breakdown***

Lead Roles:
“LaKeeta” - Age 18-25
African American Female, Slim to medium build.
Character - Shy / Naive/ Conservative
*Must be able to SING!*

“Black” - Age 23-26
African American Male, Slim to med build (muscular). Visible tattoo (optional),
The character is 'street', but he is a business man! Not looking for the street pusher type for him. He is a high level drug dealer.
Height: 5'7-6'3.
Character - Street/Hardcore

Supporting Roles:
“Sheka” - Age 18-25
African American Female, Medium build.
Character - Sassy/ Street

“Maggie” - Age 30-45
African American Female, Medium build,
height: 5'5-5'7
Character- Strict persona

“Pookie” - Age 18-26, African American, medium build,
Character - Street/ Thug / Gangsta

Guy 1 & Guy 2- Robbing crew
African American/ Caucasian
Character - Gansta/ Thug/ Street

Extras (possible lines):
Club Scene: 10 Attractive ‘Club’ types.
A waitress


North DeKalb Mall
2050 Lawrenceville Hwy.
Decatur, GA 30033

Follow the signs.
Enter mall through Macy's
It will be in the mall area on left