Friday, January 23, 2015

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Have you ever worked as a film or television extra? If you have, then you've probably met some interesting people in extras holding. People from all walks of life, with many different personalities, all come together to get their five seconds of fame as a blur in the background. The days are long and a lot of crazy things can happen in a 12+ hour day. Some do it for the money, some do it to meet celebrities, some do it to attempt to launch their acting careers, but they all have one thing in common: They're Extra Bad!

The Extra Bad Movie is an independent feature length comedy, inspired by the people behind the action -- the extras! Follow the journey of a young man named Ethan when he books his first gig as a movie extra, as a ploy to meet his favorite actress. The diversely quirky people he meets on set will make this one of the craziest days of his life.

This movie has it all. You'll laugh, you'll cry, but mostly you'll cry from laughing. A hilariously raunchy movie, you'll see extras like you've never seen them before -- up close and personal. And it's going to get BAD. Think if Mean Girls met American Pie and they had a baby who decided to be a movie extra, you'd have The Extra Bad Movie. This is definitely one movie you don't want to miss!
For more information about the movie, check out our official website:

Please visit our Indiegogo campaign page to donate TODAY! Our budget goal is currently set for $50,000.00. While this may be a low budget by comparison to many movies, it is a lofty goal for an independent film. We intend to make this production as professional as possible. We would really LOVE to raise $200,000.00 so please don't let the goal discourage you from donating more! (We'll cut the budget if we have to. It's just the difference between using professional lighting and a cell phone flashlight.) We have some great perks for contributing, so please help support this hilarious movie by donating and sharing!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Now casting supporting roles for SAG Ultra Low Budget film, Operator. It is set to shoot in the Atlanta area in July. Callbacks are tentatively scheduled for June 20th. The rate is 100/day.


To submit for a role, please email your headshot and resume to with the character name in the subject line.

You are welcome to submit for multiple roles, but please submit a different email for each role.

We will reply with the sides to submit a self-tape audition ONLY if we would like for you to audition.

Submissions are due by 11:59pm  on June 15, 2014.

Character Breakdown:

Atlanta Casting

Cassie- Age: 10, Caucasian, Rambunctious and outgoing, she is Pamela’s darling little darling diva who suffers from asthma.

Howard- Age: 40s, Calm and sensible. Jeremy’s partner and best friend. He’s a veteran on the force and nearing retirement with nearly nonexistent pension.

Monique- Age: 20-40, African American, Sassy, attitude and the voice of the dispatch center. She is one of Pamela’s closest friends.

Karen- Age: 30s, Compassionate and kind. She is everyone at the dispatch center’s shoulder to cry on.

Grace- Age: 40s, Middle aged and the former belle of the dispatch center. Her history with Richard is dubious and she relives her glory days though an assortment of makeup and wigs.

Eddie- Age: 20s, Hustler, swindler and overall creep, he smuggles illegal immigrants in from any and everywhere hoping to turn some profit.

Williams- Age: 30s, Rookie cop and wet around the ears. Often finds himself bullied by his fellow officers.

Brody- Age: 30-45, The Police Captain 

Officer: Age: 20-30, Officer types, more than one role.

Radio Announcer- Age 25-45, Announcer Pamela often listens to in the mornings.

Woman 1- Age 18-55, A distressed woman who calls into 911.

Woman 2- Age 18-55, A woman who calls into 911.

Man- Age 18-55, A man who calls into 911.

Operator: Age 20-50,  A 911 Dispatch Operator

L.A. Casting
Pamela: Smart, quiet, girl-next-door. She’s separated from her husband, broke and raising her daughter on her own. Yet Pamela possesses a strong respect for rules and regulations. She believes in the law and the system it upholds.

Jeremy: Handsome, macho and brave. He is Pamela’s estranged husband. He feels contrite about his daughter’s near-death experience.

Richard/Caller: Stern, middle aged and by the books. He is the head of the 911 dispatch center and his fatherly management guides the female majority dispatch center.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

For a PAID Multi-State commercial filming April 30th-May 1st

For a PAID Multi-State commercial filming April 30th-May 1st we are seeking the following types:

5-7 older looking gentlemen age 55+ that do not mind getting wet while washing a car.
Wardrobe: Tank tops, short sleeve button down shirts & miscellaneous, stereotypical elderly attire. (no speaking parts)

5-7 average-out of shape gentlemen ages 22-35 (character faces a plus) that take washing a car to the next level. (Think Jessica Simpson & the General Lee) Must be able to ham it up and be funny as well as make a water hose look sexy. One guy needs to have a large, hairy belly.
Wardrobe: These guys are wearing anything from daisy dukes & a cut off muscle shirt (cowboy boots), small/wet white t-shirt, 80s headbands and anything nerdy. (1 speaking part)

5-7 INCREDIBLY GOOD LOOKING, ATHLETIC gentlemen ages 18-30 that pass for college age. Naturally sexy without trying and must have a great smile! (Think Abercrombie & Fitch having a car wash)
Wardrobe: Swim Trunks, Square-cut trunks, 1 or 2 muscle shirts. MUST BE IN EXCELLENT SHAPE!
(no speaking parts)

3-4 Shy looking ladies that look 30-45. Librarian meets church lady. MUST HAVE acting ability!


For consideration please email complete physical stats, 2-3+ photos (JPG format must be attached to email) and contact info to
Please make your email subject the part that you are submitting for.
Video auditions are being accepted.

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! If you know someone that fits one of these roles, please tag them or forward the information! Thanks!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Auditions tomorrow 3/8/2012 for a paid commercial. Many types needed.

Auditions tomorrow 3/8/2012 for a paid commercial. Many types needed. Please read.

Female Roles:
An Executive for video game company
A Corporate salesman
A woman with an English accent

Male Roles:
Male Tech guy for video game company
A Corporate salesman
A Computer tech
A Computer tech watching video. No lines
Professional employee: American
A Frenchman
An American office manager
An American office worker. Anthony’s subordinate.
A business executive.
A German business executive. No lines
An Indian business executive. No lines
An Asian business executive/Tech person
A Brazilian soccer player’s agent—needs to speak Portuguese
A European soccer club executive

To summarize, we need actors who can speak fluent French, Spanish, Russian, German and is a great actor for a commercial. Auditions are starting tomorrow! Shooting March 22-23 in Atlanta area. Please submit your terrific headshot to Subject: (the role that you fit the most) and if you speak French, Spanish, Russian or German. Please submit ASAP for consideration!

Include the following information:

Contact #:
Roles you may fit (see above):
Languages you speak:
Acting exp:

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Extras Needed for TV Pilot "Twiin"

Greetings everyone!

We are currently assisting a TV Pilot called 'Twiin'.

WE NEED ASSISTANCE WITH THE FOLLOWING: This Sunday, February 19th, 2012 Twiin will be filming a reenactment scene in Atlanta near Buckhead. We currently need about 40-50 background actors (all types) to portray attendees of a cupcake restaurant grand opening. This event will be filmed in Buckhead's 'The Green Room Actor's Lounge' and the attire will be casual chic/cosmo sexy. We will also need an African American male in his 30s to play the friend of the principal role and a few upscale servers. We appreciate everyone's time! Call time is currently set at @7:30am and will be wrapped by 2pm.

THIS is an UNPAID project, however we will be raffling the following classes being held at The Green Room as a raffle for our extras:
(1) Actor's Improv Class
(1) Stage Craft
(1) Terri's Scene Study

Lunch and craft service will be provided.

We need 40-50 Background Actors for a reenactment scene of a grand opening of a gourmet cupcake restaurant.
One featured extra (AA male 30's) to play the friend of principal.
3-4 Wait staff (male or female). Upscale server attire.

Attire: Casual Chic/Cosmo Sexy

To submit, please email us the following info with a clear photo of yourself to:

Contact #:
Area if residence:

Will you want to bring someone?
*Please include their info too.

The premise of Twiin, a reality show, is at least one point in your life, someone has told you that they've seen someone who looks just like you or you've seen someone who looks like someone you know. Maybe you were at the grocery store, at a red light, or ball game and a familiar face caught your eye; however, it wasn't the person you thought it was. Twiin, the Reality Show, will bring those look alikes together and put their looks to the test. The show will also see if family members and friends are convinced.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

HerStory Short Film Auditions

For the short film “HerStory” we are casting several principal and supporting roles. We are looking for Caucasian and African American actors and actresses to portray ages 17-26.

The film will be entered into several film festivals, such as the Sundance Film Festival, Savannah Film Festival, and Peachtree Village International Film Festival.

If you are interested and fit one of the role descriptions, please submit headshots, resume, and stats to with the character name you are interested in auditioning for in the subject line.

You will be contacted soon if you are selected to audition.

For more information on the film and how you can be a part of making it possible, check out


Sasha Thumper is a 21 year old brown skin African American, short/average height (5’2-5’7), petite (115-145 lb.), wears a natural hairstyle, and has a trendy sense of style. She was born in the rural town of Albany, Georgia, and is a sophomore photography student at the art college Bleak University in downtown Atlanta. She is viewed as an introvert by because of her mild mannered and non-confrontational persona.

Susie Screw is a 23 year old light skin African American female, tall (5’5-5’10), medium frame (125-155 lbs.), long black hair, and a junior film student at the art college Bleak University. She comes from the same rural background as Sasha Thumper but carries a deeper southern accent. Susie is confrontational, loves attention, heavy drinker, and dresses like a diva.

Christian Laettner is a 24 year old brown skin African American male, above average height (5’9-6’2), and has an athletic build (140-175 lb.). He has a clean appearance, dresses to impress, tall, and his favorite colors are red and black. Christian is from Albany, Georgia, enrolled at F.I.T (Fashion Institute of Technology), and the love interest of Sasha Thumper. He carries an arrogant attitude, is a smooth talker, and ultimately becomes a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Character Description: Supporting Characters

Jessica is a 22 year old Caucasian female from San Francisco, California. She is tall, slim, and fashionable. She is one of the party planners of Sasha’s birthday party, Susie’s classmate, and sister to Lance. She is a more mellow version of Susie Screw, but together they are inseparable.

Lance is a 26 from San Francisco, California. He is a metrosexual who wears a solid color button up, jeans, and a short hair cut. Lance is the older brother of Jessica and graduated from Bleak University as a interior designer 2 years ago. He loves to gossip and provides the historical information of the building.

A male skateboarder who is between the ages of 17-19 young African American who rolls by Sasha Thumper and congratulates her on the party.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Extras Needed for TV/Web Comedy Pilot

Need 2-3 extras for a TV/Web comedy series pilot shooting Saturday, 12/3 just south of Athens, GA. Can be male or female, and having acting experience is a plus. No pay, but there is potential for speaking lines and possible recurring role in the series. Looks: park worker, and a professional or two who look like inspectors (forensic detective types). And if you own wardrobe that fits those looks, that's also a plus. Submit headshot and resume to