Tuesday, April 17, 2012

For a PAID Multi-State commercial filming April 30th-May 1st

For a PAID Multi-State commercial filming April 30th-May 1st we are seeking the following types:

5-7 older looking gentlemen age 55+ that do not mind getting wet while washing a car.
Wardrobe: Tank tops, short sleeve button down shirts & miscellaneous, stereotypical elderly attire. (no speaking parts)

5-7 average-out of shape gentlemen ages 22-35 (character faces a plus) that take washing a car to the next level. (Think Jessica Simpson & the General Lee) Must be able to ham it up and be funny as well as make a water hose look sexy. One guy needs to have a large, hairy belly.
Wardrobe: These guys are wearing anything from daisy dukes & a cut off muscle shirt (cowboy boots), small/wet white t-shirt, 80s headbands and anything nerdy. (1 speaking part)

5-7 INCREDIBLY GOOD LOOKING, ATHLETIC gentlemen ages 18-30 that pass for college age. Naturally sexy without trying and must have a great smile! (Think Abercrombie & Fitch having a car wash)
Wardrobe: Swim Trunks, Square-cut trunks, 1 or 2 muscle shirts. MUST BE IN EXCELLENT SHAPE!
(no speaking parts)

3-4 Shy looking ladies that look 30-45. Librarian meets church lady. MUST HAVE acting ability!


For consideration please email complete physical stats, 2-3+ photos (JPG format must be attached to email) and contact info to sudscasting@gmail.com
Please make your email subject the part that you are submitting for.
Video auditions are being accepted.

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! If you know someone that fits one of these roles, please tag them or forward the information! Thanks!