Friday, May 30, 2014

Now casting supporting roles for SAG Ultra Low Budget film, Operator. It is set to shoot in the Atlanta area in July. Callbacks are tentatively scheduled for June 20th. The rate is 100/day.


To submit for a role, please email your headshot and resume to with the character name in the subject line.

You are welcome to submit for multiple roles, but please submit a different email for each role.

We will reply with the sides to submit a self-tape audition ONLY if we would like for you to audition.

Submissions are due by 11:59pm  on June 15, 2014.

Character Breakdown:

Atlanta Casting

Cassie- Age: 10, Caucasian, Rambunctious and outgoing, she is Pamela’s darling little darling diva who suffers from asthma.

Howard- Age: 40s, Calm and sensible. Jeremy’s partner and best friend. He’s a veteran on the force and nearing retirement with nearly nonexistent pension.

Monique- Age: 20-40, African American, Sassy, attitude and the voice of the dispatch center. She is one of Pamela’s closest friends.

Karen- Age: 30s, Compassionate and kind. She is everyone at the dispatch center’s shoulder to cry on.

Grace- Age: 40s, Middle aged and the former belle of the dispatch center. Her history with Richard is dubious and she relives her glory days though an assortment of makeup and wigs.

Eddie- Age: 20s, Hustler, swindler and overall creep, he smuggles illegal immigrants in from any and everywhere hoping to turn some profit.

Williams- Age: 30s, Rookie cop and wet around the ears. Often finds himself bullied by his fellow officers.

Brody- Age: 30-45, The Police Captain 

Officer: Age: 20-30, Officer types, more than one role.

Radio Announcer- Age 25-45, Announcer Pamela often listens to in the mornings.

Woman 1- Age 18-55, A distressed woman who calls into 911.

Woman 2- Age 18-55, A woman who calls into 911.

Man- Age 18-55, A man who calls into 911.

Operator: Age 20-50,  A 911 Dispatch Operator

L.A. Casting
Pamela: Smart, quiet, girl-next-door. She’s separated from her husband, broke and raising her daughter on her own. Yet Pamela possesses a strong respect for rules and regulations. She believes in the law and the system it upholds.

Jeremy: Handsome, macho and brave. He is Pamela’s estranged husband. He feels contrite about his daughter’s near-death experience.

Richard/Caller: Stern, middle aged and by the books. He is the head of the 911 dispatch center and his fatherly management guides the female majority dispatch center.